Rachel Dalton Video

Human Dog

Creating an animation for an immersive dome space. Based on the poem by Robert Miller questioning whether the pet dog is really a dog. I wanted to make use of the 3d space to tell the peom. As the peom was telling a story I chose a pop up book style. Creating the characters in Illustrator, animating them in After Effects, and using Blender to film the overall story. The animation has since been shown at different shows one of which was Pixelache.

The Zoetrope and Dianrang

The Zoetrope and Dianrang project was to show how new technologies are influenced by the old. This is the promotion video for the project, which matches the leaflet, and is designed to look like a Zoetrope reel.

Japanese homes

This is an intro that I created to show the difference of living in Japanese homes. In the video I showed myself tying up my shoelaces and realising that I left my phone on the table at the other side of the apartment.