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Website designs and applications

British Red Cross bingo

As part of the events committee, we wanted to host a virtual bingo game that would be suitable for children. A parent on the committee explained that her son was autistic and enjoyed looking at pictures. So we decided to get a bingo game that was image based. We searched for a template that would work for everyone, but we couldn't find any. The solution was to build it.

I coded the bingo cards and used silhouette images of animals. Creating a clear design which could be used by anyone.To match the bingo card I created the number round and the bingo caller to go with the animal bingo.

Brislington Enterprise College Website Redesign

Brislington Enterprise College, wanted to convert their website from Joomla to Wordpress and have their website redesigned. Working together with their marketing team to discuss the content and how they wanted to show the school.